Update security for API Token

Hello 123Link Members,

123Link has successfully tested and upgraded API Token security features when using the 123Link Plugin, Quick Link, Full Page Script or Developers API

PURPOSE: Do not allow others to arbitrarily use your API Token to shorten the forbidden link (bad play)

Tool -> Full Page Script -> Accepted domain list
(Please enter your website for permission to run Full Page Script into Accepted domain list)

Tool -> Developers API -> Accepted IP list
(Please enter your IP that you want to allow Developers API to run into Accepted IP list)

Note: There are many sites and IPs, separated by commas ","
For example: yourdomain.com,tenmiencuaban.net,

If you have a page error, delete the noreferrer attribute in the rel= "nofollow external noopener noreferrer" tag!

Any questions please comment here or mail: [email protected]

Best regards.

Published on: 4/20/19, 7:27 PM