How to get payment from 123Link

We will show you how to get paid when you have at least $ 25.

#1 First, you access your 123Link account.

Go to Profile: Then update your information.

In Withdrawal Method: You choose the form of payment.
In Withdrawal Account: You just enter your email address Paypal

#2 Next Click on the menu Withdraw on the right you will see your income information:

cach nhan thanh toan tu 123linkWhen Available Balance has >= 25$, you may request payment.

Click the button Withdraw to start, then select OK when the message pops up:

nhan tien tu 123link

Next you look down your billing history statistics table:

thanh toan 123link

In the Status column is your payment status:

Done, you just have to wait for money on your pocket only.​​​​​​​

- Your payment will be issued for up to 7 days (usually 24-48 hours).
- Payments are issued daily from Monday to Saturday.

Published on: 6/28/17, 3:46 AM