Full Page Script Tutorial - Full link shortening

If you have a website with thousands of links that you want to change by shortening the link to make money through 123Link, simply copy and paste the code into your website or blog and the links will be updated automatically!

You follow the instructions below:

First login to your account 123Link.top.

Click the Tools -> Full Page Script menu

rut gon link hoan loat

On the right side you will see two scripts:

#1: The first paragraph when you insert a website or blog will automatically reduce all links that contain the following domain: depositfiles.com, uploading.com, uploadable.ch
rut gon link kiem tien hoan loat

If you feel your website is more domain shorten too, then see the second script:

#2: The second paragraph when you insert a website or a blog will automatically reduce all links except the following domain: example.com, yoursite.com.
So you just replace the domain name of the blog or website that you do not want to automatically shorten the link. For example: '123link.top', '123l.ink'

rut gon link hoan hoatHow to add script to your website and blog:

Just copy your finished custom script into the </ head> of the website.

Good luck.

Published on: 6/27/17, 3:38 PM